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Products & Support Equipment

Line Switching Unit
Line Switching Unit

TestVonics™ Line Switching Unit provides multi-port distribution for up to 6 outputs from a single channel. The LSU distributes pitot static channels for connection of hose assemblies to test the aircraft Pitot and Static ports. The lightweight unit is housed in a highly durable and easy to maneuver case.

Pitot Static Adapter Kit
Pitot Static Adapters and Kits

TestVonics™ offers Pitot Static Adaptors and Kits for nearly all aircraft, including Civil, Commuter, Corporate, Military, and Helicopters. Pitot Static Adaptors and Kits are manufactured to the highest standards by skilled technicians using only the best materials available. These products are unrivaled in quality & simplicity of design.

Vacuum Pressure Unit
Vacuum Pressure Unit

TestVonics™ Vacuum Pressure Unit (VPU) provides a suitable vacuum and pressure source for the ADC-2500 series calibrators. The VPU is 4U x 19" rack-mountable unit that can also be used on a benchtop.

ADC-2500 Vacuum Source
ADC-2500 Series Vacuum Source

TestVonics™ offers compact, high performance, oil-free line of vacuum pumps that are suitable for a wide variety of applications and test equipment. The pump employs an innovative hermetic design in which the motor and bearings are outside the vacuum space, allowing full isolation of all pumped gases.

ADC-2500 Pressure Source
ADC-2500 Series Pressure Source

TestVonics™ offers oil-less compressors with outstanding performance. Compressors feature a built in desiccant dryer, providing clean, dry, regulated air for the ADC-2500 Series or other manufacturers test equipment.

Turn-Key Air Data Solution
Turn-Key Air Data Calibration Solutions

TestVonics™ offers complete Air Data Solutions for both commercial and military organizations. These packages include everything the end user needs to test, calibrate and re-certify a variety of air data equipment.

TTU-205 Series Test Set Support Equipment

TTU-205J Retrofit Kit
TTU-205J Retrofit Kit

TestVonics™ TTU-205/J Retrofit Kit can be used to upgrade any TTU-205D, TTU-205F, TTU-205G, TTU-205H TTU-205S/S or FLMTS to the TTU-205J configuration. The kit consists of two (2) circuit boards and a decal set for the case and front panel.

TTU-205 Pump Service Life Extension Kit
TTU-205 Pump Maintenance Kits

The TTU-205 pump requires scheduled maintenance to provide optimal performance. TestVonics™ offers various maintenance kits and cost effective solutions for pump maintenance. The kits are available for 1,000 hour, 1,500 hour and SLEK - which replaces the entire pump center body.

TTU-205 External Power Supply
TTU-205 400Hz Power Supply

The TTU-205 Power Supply provides proper 115VAC, 400Hz, Single Phase power for the TTU-205. In addition it can be used for other testing or to power a variety of other equipment. With selectable frequency and digital current selector knob, the power you need is always readily available.

TTU-205 Mobile Case
TTU-205 Mobile Case

TestVonics™ replacement case assembly is for all TTU-205 models. This replacement case features a retractable handle assembly and recessed wheels, allowing the test set to be transported by a single operator with ease.

Flightline Cart
Flightline Cart

TestVonics Flight Line Cart (FLC) is specifically designed to protect the TTU-205 and FLMTS against damage from mishandling due to the test sets weight and various handling procedures. In addition, it provides for easy transportation of the TTU-205 from the tool crib or shop to the aircraft .

TTU-205 Transit Container Kit
TTU-205 Transit Container

The TTU-205 pump requires scheduled servicing o maintain, service, and/or repair these pumps. The SLEK is a cost effective way to overhaul a TTU-205 or FLMTS pump. This kit replaces the entire center body and takes approximately 1hr to install

Kollsman PPCM
Precision Volume Tank

The PVT is used to provide proper volume testing of the TTU-205 or other test set. Testing with volumes provides confidence that the test set can adequately evacuate and pressurize the aircraft or unit under test.

TTU-205 Maintenance Stand
TTU-205 Maintenance Stand

The TTU-205 Maintenance and Calibration Test Stand is ideally suited for organizations performing maintenance on all TTU-205 test sets. It allows full 360° access to all assemblies and locks in place at 45° increments for any work that needs to be performed.

Kollsman PPCM
Remote Control Unit

The TTU-205 Remote Control Unit is available for use with any TTU-205/D, TTU-205/F, TTU-205/G, TTU-205/H, TTU-205S/S or FLMTS. It allows a single operator the ability to control the TTU-205 remotely directly from the cockpit up to 50 feet away.

TTU-205 Extender Board
TTU-205 Precision Trim Extender Board

The Precision Trim Extender Board is a Printed Circuit board that can be used with the TTU-205D, up to the TTU-205J models. It can be used to help diagnose and troubleshoot system issues and for the R-11 and R-37 potentiometers for the heater and ready circuits.

TTU-205 Spare Parts
Maintenance Kits and Spare Parts

TestVonics stocks both new and overhauled spare parts and assemblies for TTU-205 and other test sets and calibrators. All parts are fully tested to comply with OEM standards and come with a Certificate of Conformance and Warranty. Most items are in stock and ship quickly.

Leak Tune-Up Kit
TTU-205 Hose Kits & Accessory Sets

TestVonics Leak Tune-Up Kit has been a popular product among repair activities servicing the TTU-205. When leaks are found, it eliminates most leaks caused by the Pitot and Static hoses and assemblies. TestVonics also offers accessories and custom hose sets.